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6 Cold Calling Tips for Sales Success in 2021 – Zaphyre

6 Cold-Calling Tips for Sales Success in 2021

People think cold-calling is dead because in this digitalized world, who’d want to interact over phones? But you’d be surprised to know that most successful business still relies on cold calling to generate revenue. With the ever-evolving industry of sales, holding on to old techniques won’t get you much out of it, however, if you polish your skills with the evolving industry, you’ll be surprised at the outcomes. In this blog, you’ll find 6 cold-calling tips that are must-haves in order to up your cold-calling game this 2021!

Have the right mindset before making that sales call

It’s always believed and written in ancient scriptures again and again that your mindset towards anything that you do is very powerful and your determination paves your path towards success. So when it comes to sales your state of mind plays a big role whether you are going to close the sale or just begin a conversation. Sale is a risky road and you cannot enumerate it before if it’s going to close or not, it all comes down to the communication skills of the salesperson. Before dialing, if your mindset isn’t a place and you don’t believe in yourself, you will lose that sale, you will lose a potential client and you will eventually lose your job. To polish your skills, you have to dial with a can-do attitude and a positive mindset, ask yourself questions like what is the purpose I’m calling for? What is the end goal? How am I going to accomplish my end goal? How do I convince the prospect if he tells me he’s not interested? and so on.

Say it as you mean it

When you are on the phone the person on the other end is solely going to judge you on the tone of your voice so the success of your cold call largely depends on your voice. Being too quiet or being too loud is equally bad, generally having a low-toned voice will suggest that you are nervous and unconfident and that he or she shouldn’t trust you. What image you’re portraying of yourself with your high-pitch is an aggressive or overselling salesperson. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Right in the middle that’s where the sweet spot is just slightly louder than how you would normally speak which shows you are confident in what you’re saying while establishing authority and the prospect is most likely going to listen to every word that you say. Try recording yourself giving the pitch and listening back to it from the perspective of a prospect and you will quickly realize which end of the spectrum you are on.

Grab your prospect’s attention!

Great, you have got a hold of the prospect, it’s about time you pitch your services to them, do you think they are paying attention to you? Most likely they aren’t they are probably at work or checking their email or doing 10 other things. So how do you grab their attention? Well for one-stop. throwing your sales pitch at them and focusing on triggering the thought process in their head cause it’s all about what the prospect is hearing not what you’re saying. Second, ask them questions relevant to the purpose of your call to get them thinking. It’s clear that you should know the vital points of your pitch what I want you to do is say the prospect’s name right before you say those key points and you’ll instantly grab his attention. Trust me on this, they will start listening.

Remember you are human having a conversation with another human

Stop reading your script word by word you are sounding like an emotionless robot, I want you to think of yourself as an actor giving his performance filled with real human emotions. To sound more natural while cold calling you need to have a clear understanding of what are your product and services and why should the person on the other end care about it, so try to study and memorize your intro and value proposition as much as you can.

Send customized email

Send me an email! Anyone who has done cold calling before knows this line all too well and what most sales reps do is that they send out a four-paragraph email which even if the prospect opens they won’t bother reading. What you need to do is send a few customized emails, reminding them about your conversation and you are sending them an email because they asked you for it try to keep the email short and precise. Hear me out, no one likes reading long boring emails, I have done this myself and seen great results.

Time is money so stop wasting it

If you are calling someone who has no need of what you are offering and they do not come under your ideal criteria you are not only wasting their time but also yours. It’s all about getting a hold of the prospect, especially in B2B. In smaller organizations, the CEO is most likely taking the final decision but in bigger organizations, the CEO is just signing the paper and has a whole team working for him that does the rest. You have to look at the company itself, is it the right industry? Do they have big enough revenue? Know your market, know the titles you’re pitching your services to.

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