Who We Are

Zaphyre brings 20+ years of experience in sales management and executing sales processes. The founding team of Zaphyre has personally completed over 1,500 initial sales meetings with executives at Global 2000 companies, participated directly in more than 3,500 sales follow up and closing calls, and personally closed over 350 contracts with Fortune 1000 companies. The Zaphyre leadership has managed inside sales teams who have collectively scheduled over 20,000 sales appointments and has experience designing sales processes, roles and responsibilities, sales scripts and tools, and incentive plans to drive high volume and high conversion results.

Our Methodology
Our methodology is to unlock the potential and unique value of your organization. With our extensive onboarding system, we create a customized go-to-market strategy for you:
  1. What is your target market?
  2. Who do you want to schedule your meetings with?
  3. How do you want your prospects to be contacted?
  4. What tools do you need to gain a competitive edge in the industry?

Our Mission

Zaphyre continues to help companies accelerate their growth. Our focus is on connecting a talented global workforce to all business sizes, Fortune 500s and startups.
Zaphyre is a group of Sales Development Reps, Data Researchers, Closers, Sales Strategists, and Analysts tightly knitted to create an exemplary team to help businesses scale.


More About Zaphyre & Our Services

Zaphyre was originally founded as a company that provided cold-calling and hyper-targeted prospect data to the sales team.

Overtime, Zaphyre started expanding it’s services to connect a talented global workforce to all business sizes, Fortune 500s and startups with extensive Lead Generation Strategies and a team that brings experience and expertise in multiple industries.

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Excellence in BPO

Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

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Design & Development

Zaphyre empowers your business presence on digital platform.

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Sales Lead-Gen

Zaphyre offers appointments that support your business develop.



Zaphyre was founded with the initiative to create an operational system for businesses to grow their sales. Our process is simple and transparent.

We understand how challenging sourcing quality leads is – from wasting weeks of digging through the internet to gather a very small list of the right contacts to reach out to and then they won’t respond – it can be a very frustrating experience. Which is exactly why we sought out to find a better way to streamline the process for you. Our effective and proven lead generation techniques in any given industry over-delivers the results you expected. We want to bring our solution to every business, big or small because we have the right team and right data you need for growth.

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