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Email Marketing In The New Normal – Zaphyre

Email Marketing In The New Normal
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While everyone stayed at their homes due to the lockdown imposed by the governments around the world, the dynamic of the business world entirely shifted to a new normal. All those businesses and organizations who hardly paid attention to their digital presence understood the impact the digital world has on marketing and sales.

Staying at home means more screen time and business activities need to be more online. Although Digital marketing is not free of cost completely but is highly reasonable than other options and who knew email marketing could bring back old and new customers with just one email?

This ‘new normal’ helped businesses in encountering new demographic segments with different buying habits, cultures, and mindsets. Ad campaigns are one thing, email marketing is a whole new world many marketers never explored until now.

But why email marketing? Are social media channels ineffective?

No, social media channels still have their own place when it comes to having a digital presence but email is the best option since it allows you to provide the necessary information to your target audience. Therefore, you make yourself heard to a much-focused audience but you need to look into your email marketing strategies before you jump into it just like that.

Why making your content relevant is important?

You must be wondering about the message you ought to deliver to your clients and audience but it’s not as difficult as you may think it is. The current situation has brought so many changes in almost all industries and markets, you should cascade those changes to your audience. All that would include:

What’s new about your business? Add it.

There isn’t anything that changed about your business, if you look closely your business hours will save them a lot of time and prevent frustrations. If your store is for certain hours due to partial lift on lockdown, despite letting your clients waste their time in visiting it during non-operational hours, you can save their time by letting them know when you’re open and when you’re not.

Through good email content, you can send your clients information about re-opening your stores if you’re reopening them after a long time.

Make sure your headline is direct, to the point, and very much clear. You don’t need extra content in the body of your email too. At this time, people are frustrated already with hearing about Covid-19 and Coronavirus, so it might be a better idea to avoid these two keywords for now and innovate better ways to translate your problems to your audience.

Existing clients matter

Don’t miss out on your existing clients, the best businesses are those who get repetitive customers. In order to keep them in the loop, email is the best way to send a separate thank you email to your previous clients or perhaps a discount as a token of appreciation. You decide your strategies. You can also email them about your new sales or reopen the announcement. Either way, letting your clients know that you appreciate their business or support during such a crisis matters a lot. The simpler words you use, the better it will be. You don’t want your clients using Thesaurus to understand your email, do you?

Mention your experience

If you are looking for a simple definition of an effective email strategy then understand that transparency and empathy are the two key factors especially after the lockdown.

Transparency doesn’t mean you tell your clients everything, cherry-pick one or two of your stories that you think might encourage or inspire your customers. It could be anything, steps that you’re taking to make your business more available to customers during this crisis, how you and your team are tackling all the barriers, strategies, and options to stay relevant in the new normal.

It’s not just you that’s hurting but your clients as well, make sure you don’t forget this factor as you tell your story. Understand what your clients are going through, ask about their experience, their struggles, and challenges including the steps they must have taken to survive. You can extend a helping hand at this point too. This is the best time than ever to ask for feedback to improve your business or what services are more required in the market?

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