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How Important is a Good Web Design for Your Audience? – Zaphyre

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According to research, more than 65% of online users prefer to see something aesthetically pleasing as compared to plain and simple on websites. This stat alone proves the importance of a good web design in your online marketing presence. If you have a website for your business, you must ensure you have a top-notch web design. 

This blog will shed light on all the factors that make web design important. Think you need help from a professional web development company? Give us a call on +1 (202) 894-9945 or email us at info@zaphyrpro.com and get in touch with our strategist right away. 

The Importance Of Web Design

By investing in a professional web design, you’re not just building a virtual storefront; you’re crafting a strategic asset that actively drives leads and fuels your sales pipeline. A poorly designed or outdated website can create a negative impression, prompting visitors to abandon your site and seek alternative solutions elsewhere. Remember, in the digital age, your website is often the first and last impression you make on potential customers. Make it count. 

Now that you’re going to redesign your website, it’s important to know the importance of website design. How significantly will this impact your audience and business? Here are 5 reasons highlighting the significance of web designs:

1. A Good Web Design Sets The First Impression

In these competitive times, you need to give your audience the reason to stay on your site. Viewers will judge your business within the first few seconds. If your design is appealing, it will certainly leave a positive impact on the audience. 

On the contrary, if your design looks old and plain, your audience will quickly develop a bad impression for your business. Despite the fact that you might be having everything they need, they will still bounce away from your page. Consequently, you will miss out on leads as your viewers will head out to find a competitor who looks better. 

Just like you’d like to carefully design your bricks and mortar store to create a good impression, you need to do the same with your website. The first impression of your website will determine if the user remains on your page and learns about your products/services or lands at your competitor’s website. 

2. Good Web Design Is Good Customer Service

Customers will judge the level of your service at every point. Their first point is your website’s appeal. If you’ve created a well-designed site, it will automatically give users the message on how you view your audience. Continuing to work with an obsolete web design basically puts out an indirect message that you won’t be putting in a lot of effort for the clients. 

When you work to improve all the customer touch points to enhance customer service, know that your website is arguably the most important touch point. If your interface is modern, appealing, and inviting, your audience will feel welcome over there. You’re signaling them that your company will be as invested and committed to their work as it has been in designing the first touchpoint. 

Conversely, having an unappealing website makes your business look unapproachable. Take your own example; would you want to shop from a store that puts in zero effort to make you feel welcome? A nicely designed and updated web design is the equivalent of a friendly face welcoming new visitors. 

3. It Improves Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order for your website to rank on search engines, it has to be crawled and indexed by the search engine crawlers. Crawlers prefer websites that have content published in the right manner. Speaking of content publishing, there are several web design elements and practices that enable you to present your content in a better way, thus impacting your rankings. 

As a digital business owner, it should be your utmost priority to get ranked on top of the SERPs. If your on-page SEO elements are not up to the mark, know that all your efforts for making your site visible are going down the drain. 

While content publishing may be an indirect ranking factor for your site, there are some web design elements that directly impact the SEO strategy. Web designs are technical and it might be hard for you to grasp if you haven’t worked with it. In simpler terms, your back-end code has to be SEO-optimized. 

You can ensure that your web design practices are put right by partnering with an expert digital marketing agency who have the expertise in this area. 

4. Build Trust With Your Customers

For any business to reach success, it’s important to build strong relationships with its customers. As for websites, know that users will never trust a poorly designed website. People will regard your site as low and seedy if they don’t see an updated layout. 

If for instance, you have an E-commerce site that sells a large number of products, and someone has just logged on to your site to place a bulk order. They’re most likely going to spend a tremendous amount of money, but if your website does not convey trust, they will certainly find another business that does. 

If you signal professionalism and trust to your audience, they will feel comfortable buying your service or product.

5. Your Competitors Have Great Websites

The business landscape thrives on competition. Only the ones that keep on upgrading and improving themselves stay on top, while the others disappear. 

Same is the case with online businesses. Your competitors are most probably utilizing a great web design, and therefore you must have one to stay in competition. 

You get business when you rank on top of your competitors. However, with an old and low-quality website, you’ll be outranked. You will lose business to your competitors. They are going to get more leads and conversions since their page is more engaging and attractive. 

When you’re competing with similar businesses, you’ll generally have the same type of product or service offerings and most likely the same pricing. The only difference setting you apart is your website’s design. 

6. It Creates Consistency

In order to get business, you have to create your brand and position yourself in the mind of your target audience. They will only convert if they have positive familiarity with your brand. Creative web designs are important in this regard because they create consistency across your website. 

While getting the work done, you need to ensure that you have the same fonts, layouts, and design all across the website. If there are inconsistencies, you will fail to build brand recognition because your brand’s identity is built through the colors and fonts that people associate with it. 

Wrap Up

All said and done, your website’s design plays an integral role in your online marketing’s success. In order to get the best results, you must invest in designing a website that will lure people to inquire more about your business. 

Zaphyre has more than 10 years of experience in designing websites. As a full-service strategic digital marketing and design company, we bring our knowledge and skills to drive your campaigns. We know how to create the right design for your website, so get in touch today!

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