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Zaphyre’s aim is to help companies scale up and be more efficient with the help of our multi-channel solutions. This includes B2B business demand generation, lead prospecting, appointment setting, and LinkedIn Automation.   

The most integral part of any marketing strategy is generation qualified leads. You need to get your target audience in the sales funnel to make sales and ultimately earn new customers. This is where Zaphyre can serve you best.

Our lead generation services encompass a complete package, which includes thorough market research, prospect and list building, cold calling 150 prospects everyday, appointment setting, revenue tracking, and even get leads from LinkedIn. We devise a thorough, customized process and work on it to ensure your business generates great revenue.

With the help of innovative solutions that fill all the gaps within your clients’ sales campaigns, Zaphyre maximizes B2B lead generation and sales opportunities in several industries.

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Lead Generation Company

Serving these industries


Scale faster with a multi-channel sales approach targeted towards SAAS and technology platforms.


Pursue marketing leads using industry specific solutions based on proven technology and experience.


Discover clients in the big data consulting industry with our trusted B2B lead generation services.


Scale faster with a multi-channel sales approach targeted towards SAAS and technology platforms.


Pursue marketing leads using industry specific solutions based on proven technology and experience.


Discover clients in the managed IT Services industry with Zaphyre’s trusted B2B lead generation services.

Put lead generation on Autopilot

Having worked with thousands of clients from around the world for more than 15 years has given us valuable experience and insights into what works best and produces results.


Identifying, extracting, and compiling a list of qualified companies in your target market.


Contacting the decision-makers within target companies with a product-focused calling script.


Engaging with prospective clients through cold-calling, cold-emailing, and marketing.


Converting qualified leads into appointments and scheduled meetings.

From ‘Hi’ to ‘Buy’ Capture your Future customers with our results oriented lead generation strategies.

When Hiring Zaphyre’s Lead Gen Specialist, you get:

  1. High-value Contacts and Accounts

    Capture buyers that are interested in your services by leveraging rich contacts and profiles with our extensive list of prospects in your target market with personalized and customized lead generation messaging, strategy and activities.

  2. Healthy Pipeline of Sales Appointments and Qualified Leads

    Focused approach in nurturing relationships and winning deals. Zaphyre will take the stress off your shoulders of finding potential customers, qualifying leads, and setting appointments for you.

  3. Timely touchpoints to not miss out on any prospective client

    Leave spray-and-pray tactics behind and let our team make timely touchpoints across multiple channels so you don’t miss out on any prospective clients.

  4. Tools and High-tech features all in one subscription

    We will equip your sales funnel with high-tech and tools to engage, nurture and schedule leads, manage sales appointments and convert opportunities into business.

What are the risks of bad prospect data?

Learn why your organization needs to start investing in accurate prospect data from the beginning to avoid wasting resources on bad leads.

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How Our Lead Generation Service Works

Data & Market Research

Our market research department does an in-depth analysis and makes reports for all markets. We work by analyzing market activity to provide businesses with custom market insight and new perspectives in their own marketing campaigns.

Prospect & List Building Activities

Avail our B2B lead prospecting services to get a perfect blend of automation and human control for the best results. This will cut your prospecting cost and give you the highest data quality and control. All the data is verified before delivery.

Email Marketing

Our content team uses the prospect list devised by the Market Research team to send out a bunch of emails to all the prospects every week. Email marketing enables us to generate a vast number of leads, nurture them, convert them, and ultimately build up your brand.

Appointment Setting

We work by cold calling and emailing the target accounts and go on to qualify marketing leads to provide YOUR people with sales-ready leads. Our professionals call on behalf of your company, follow up on leads, and conduct market research.

LinkedIn Automation

Using LinkedIn automation, we grow the qualified sales pipeline fast. Zaphyre turns your LinkedIn profile into a lead converting sales machine. Our advanced processes and features allow you to automate and close deals faster.

Content Creation

Well-researched blogs that are furnished for individual
Businesses that work with Zaphyre. The blogs capture insights on market challenges, link the client with their prospects as they solve challenge, and deliver value.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lead Generation Consultant

At a certain point you will need the help of a good professional lead generation consultant to boost up the numbers.

MIW Gained A Hundred and More Contracts with Zaphyre Lead Generation

There are leads then there are great leads, when it comes to filling your sales pipeline, our skilled sales team knows the difference!

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We’re passionate about brilliant ideas, innovation, and the execution that combines it all in one busy B2B pipeline and a beautiful experience. You want to grow and so do we, let’s have a chat around your specific requirements and figure out a strategy tailored to your business!

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