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The Role Of Development In Digital Transformation – Zaphyre

The Role Of Development In Digital Transformation
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Different Types Of Development

Development has found its place as an integral part for any business in modern times. Whether it’s a small or medium sized business or a large enterprise, development can turn out to be the most crucial element for the business. 

Having a perfectly functioning and appealing website is a success factor for any business. Website is mostly the first touchpoint and it attracts customers. The theme you use, fonts, and an overall easy-to-navigate interface can help your potential leads to develop a bond with your brand. 

On the other hand, we have another great arena for developers that is mobile app development in USA. With the vast majority of the population using smartphones on a very frequent basis, it has become quite essential for companies to cater to customer needs by creating mobile-friendly websites or applications. Mobile applications can bring significant advantages to the marketplace as it allows people to conveniently book taxis, hotels, transfer money, order products, and avail other services. Therefore, all businesses must seriously consider getting in touch with good mobile app developers to multiply their growth. 

Lastly, game development has also risen to prominence. Game development industry has grown substantially in the past few years. People’s engagement with computer and mobile games is expected to grow even further as it’s driven by fierce competition and the ever-evolving eSports segment. 

Let’s go through the advantages each type of development offers to businesses and why it’s a good idea to invest in these areas. 

Benefits Of Web Development

1. Impressive Web Designs

Website sets the first impression for the clients and therefore must be highly responsive and impressive. Businesses that work on getting a good interface and design for their websites are able to convert significantly more leads as compared to those who’s websites are plain and outdated.

2. Your SEO Strategy Works

Hiring the right web development company can help you attract customers for the long-term. There are several metrics that can be retrieved from the website by developers to monitor the activity of users. For instance, a certain user is usually supporting your brand on different platforms or that they are actively purchasing services/products from your website. You can reach out to these customers and offer them gifts and vouchers to give them more reasons to familiarize with your brand.

4. Better User Engagement

Previously, enterprises were hosted in bricks and mortar stores. However, as time changed, almost all services have been digitized. This is mainly why businessmen and entrepreneurs should work on developing good websites. 

Websites enable businesses to build good rapport conveniently. You can always remain in touch with the costumes, get instant feedback, and provide important responses to all queries, which turns out to be a great community management technique. 

Moreover, digital businesses do not face the constraints of time. Once you have automated your services on the website, clients can get your services round the clock. 

Benefits Of Mobile Applications For Businesses

1. Builds Customer Loyalty

In the current scenario, applications are considered more interactive and accessible as compared to a traditional website. For businesses, it is a great way to instantly build relationships with customers and attain their loyalty. 

Since the entire idea of making an application is to provide ease of use, customers enjoy this feature of conveniently getting what they want and having the simple buying option. 

2. Enhances Your Accessibility

As mentioned above, mobile applications are accessible for users. Customers feel comfortable and secure while purchasing and interacting with your business through mobile applications. 

Also, when customers enjoy a satisfactory experience, they suggest it to others, helping your business grow exponentially

3. Adds the Human Touch to Your Brand

Every business should have a goal to make the company feel more real to the user. Mobile applications provide the additional channel for customer service, allowing the company to have increased connection with the customers. 

Apps can help resolve customer questions, give them all the latest news regarding discounts and offers, and also allows customers to give valuable feedback. 

4. Helps Build a Database Of Clients

Applications allow you to gather important data about customers. Whenever someone downloads your application or makes a purchase through it, you can extract their information and have it in your database. This, however, needs to be done after taking their consent.

This data can further be used to target customers by showing ads and showing them relevant recommendations based on their previous preferences.

Benefits Of Investing in Game Development

1. Gaming Industry Is Seeing Rapid Expansion

If you see the recent past, the main markets for gaming were America, Europe, and Japan. However, in recent years, this industry has expanded into the markets of Asia as well. The rise of eSports, mobile gaming, and other streamline services are acting as long-term drivers for the gaming industry. 

2. High Adoption Of Mobile Gaming

When it comes to the gaming industry, mobile gaming has been outranking other platforms and is now the fastest growing video gaming platform. With smart devices becoming increasingly common and accessible to the general population, video games are becoming popular. 

3. Digitization Has Helped In Better Distribution

With growing digitization, companies can now skip the distribution cost of the middleman, along with the costs of shipping and packaging. As companies can eliminate these costs, they can sell the games at a cheaper price to customers, making games affordable for the users and also selling in big volumes – win-win. 

4. Rise Of eSports

eSports has been a billion dollar industry, and over the recent years, this business has grown tremendously – both in terms of revenue and viewership. Investing in gaming development is a certain success for business in the current business landscape. 


All said and done, development as a whole is no more just an area to explore for business. Instead, it is now becoming a need to survive and thrive in the marketplace. With globalization gaining strength and the global pandemic changing the business landscape – bringing most businesses on the digital platform, it has become highly essential to get a good developer for your business. 

Think you need an expert web developer or someone to create a perfectly seamless application for your business? Get in touch with Zaphyre today. 

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