Call Answering

Monthly Retainer Services For 24/7 Live Answering


Why Do You Need Zaphyre’s Call Answering Services?

  • Allows you to always be available; enabling you to be there for prospective customers anywhere, anytime.
  • Allows you to capture every lead. Don’t ever miss the opportunity when a client calls. 
  • We don’t use voicemails or bots. Our aim is to win more business with real people.
  • We help you recognize your callers to have a personalized experience. 
  • We manage your calls. You’re busy? Traveling? Have an important meeting? We’ve got you covered.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Telephone Answering Service?

Learn how you and your business can benefit from investing in call answering services as it allows you to capture every opportunity, increase productivity, and ultimately enhance overall profits.

Providing Personalized Solutions For Customer Satisfaction

Zaphyre is your trusted partner for Business Process Outsourcing. Whether you want a human-being interaction on your website or call answering service to take your calls and respond back to them, Zaphyre’s BPO experts are geared up to take workload off your back that’s pulling you back from growing. You want a vacation and don’t have time to make travel arrangements? Let Zaphyre Virtual Assistant do the job for you!

Virtual Assistant

Let Our 24/7 Live Virtual Receptionists Help Grow Your Business

How doesn’t like great help?
5 reasons to get a VA now!

  1. Convenience

    Our virtual assistant will always be available to talk to your clients, book meetings with them, and respond to their emails. This will allow you to take care of other demanding tasks.

  2. Administrative Tasks

    Check off tedious paperwork and administrative responsibilities from your task list, as with Zaphyre’s VA you can utilize your time better and focus on what you truly care about.

  3. Never miss out

    Our VA sorts through the excess noise for you, allowing you to stay organized and on top of your work and priorities.

  4. Calls, Texts, Emails handled

    Work on your own timeline while your very own VA responds to your emails, texts, and calls when you’re away.

  5. Reduced Expenses

    Zaphyre VAs come with no 401k Benefits, Equipment Costs, or Complications Of Managing A Full-Time Employee or their Payroll, giving you competitive advantage and a great ROI

Live Chat Support

A Complete Customer Service Tool That Delights Your Customers & Fuels Your Sales

  • We make a customized chat widget design for your website.
  • We devise customized chat scripts tailor made for your business.
  • Our tech team ensures the chat support is easily integrated to your website.
  • Our trained and professional agents will keep your website visitors engaged at all times.
  • We share weekly reports to keep you updated with the progress.

Why Live Chat Is Important For Your Website?

Customer service is an integral part of any business. Learn more about the benefits you can enjoy by incorporating live chat support.

Working Together To Get The Best Results

We understand that every request requires fast resolution, and we want all of our clients to achieve success as quickly as possible by leveraging our experience and skills. We cover all your preferred means of communication — phones, chats, emails. We are also fully integrable with the most popular chat and phone systems which makes our services smooth and flexible to suit all your business needs.

Let's grow together

We’re passionate about brilliant ideas, innovation, and the execution that combines it all in one busy B2B pipeline and a beautiful experience. You want to grow and so do we, let’s have a chat around your specific requirements and figure out a strategy tailored to your business!

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